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Originally Posted by Bustajay View Post
Hey guys now I feel like a JERK
I did not desire to make others members mad at each other
I look at it this way, we don't pay a fee for this site so it is free and FUN

We shall lose our precious V CASH another day
All good...I just don't appreciate hearing noise about dropping the ball when the sportsbooks gave me a very unreasonably narrow window to get those events up (considering I actually didn't have a spare moment between Friday night and Saturday night, so it really would have been helpful if they put up Berto vs. Soto Karass and Thurman vs. Chaves up by midweek or even Thursday like they normally do for big shows like that) - when I have more important things going on than maintaining a fantasy betting section on a forum everyone *****es about nowadays anyway, where they've been pretty spoiled with all the big events for years going up even at the last minute sometimes...this being among the few times it didn't work out.
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