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Default Re: I am a boxing manager: if you have questions about the boxing biz, ask!

Micky Duff has been mentioned in this thread a few times the big fights in the uk were made almost exclusively by him up until around the early 90's when the new breed of boxing promoters/mangers came on the uk scene.He dealt with all the top US promoters & can even claim to have got the better of Don King on a few deals a tough negotiator.

FW,Frank Maloney,Barry Hearn (Eddies dad),Mick Hennesey came on the scene but Duff had a stranglehold on the uk boxing business for a long time he had a contract with the BBC & those of us of a certain age will remember only too well live boxing was rarely shown & tv coverage was limited to sportsnight with the odd live bout he really had a monopoly.Most fights on tape delay until ITV started to show boxing on midweek sport special we were certainly not spoiled for boxing back in those days!

There was actually a man more powerful than Duff in the uk scene at the time his business partner but imo more like his boss the money man behind him Jarvis Astaire.A real quiet man behind the scene he managed boxers himself for a while & a very,very smart investor a investment banker that made millions.He was on the board of Wembley stadium remember how Bruno v Witherspoon was at Wembley easy to do a deal at a decent rate below market value for stadium hire (again my opinion ) when you are the person that can sign it off he made a massive profit on that show! Those that are of a certain vintage remember closed circuit boxing coverage in cinemas in the uk showing the big USA fights who owned the rights of Viewsport ltd....Jarvis Astaire.He was the man that got Ali over to the uk in 1966 to fight Henry Cooper & again made a massive profit on the show.

There was talk that uk boxing had a cartel at the time Harry Levene,Micky Duff,Mike Barrett & Terry Lawless there was only one man at the top of that tree Mr.Astaire rarely listed on promotional bills 'rivals' which at the time there were no one comparable nicknamed him Mr.X! Astaire is actually in the boxing HOF a real living case of a man that actions speak louder than words.

When people ask about uk boxing post WW2 up until the early 90's look no further than this man.Hope that helps those interested.
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