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Default Re: WTF is happening in this video?

Originally Posted by Sweet Pea
His record is good, but not what everyone makes it out to be. He beat a WW in Penn by close decision, says A LOT more about Penn than it does Machida. Beat a greener Franklin(still a pretty good win), beat a greener Bonnar(not that good a win), and beat two known K-1 kickboxers with little MMA training in McDonald and Greco, and he couldn't even finish Greco. The guy has skills, but a lot of his record is based on name recognition than actual top notch opposition.
When I first looked at his record I thought this guy was the nuts. He had to be. But like you say, you got to look a little closer. I am still only judging him off of this fight though. Looked like a close call against a man who was visibly smaller and hadn't even trained up to the weight - he just didn't train by the looks of it.

Man, if Penn actually concentrated 100% on his game, you know he might be undefeated. Was watching him v Gomi and Pulver 2 yesterday.

Penn needs to be called the octupus, chimpanzee or some **** like that. When he holds you, he is all over you and his body has such dexterity that guys like Hughes, Pulver, Gomi have trouble getting out. BOOM he is on your back and you are in a hold.
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