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Default Re: Chrley Burley vs RJJ @ 160

Originally Posted by ETM View Post
Those are two pretty important things to bring to the table. Jones wasnt just another fast guy. He had freakish speed for his size. Not just hand speed but his foot quickness and his ability to move and still punch off his movement with power.

Burley did face superior fighters but he didnt beat them all. He lost to Charles a couple of times. Its not as if he dominated Charles.
I watched him vs B-Hop at 160 and he looked i-ight.

It was a yawner and he was in his prime. If Hopkins would have pressed him hard and threw at him I believe he would have beaten him with realitive ease. Once he put Jones back to the ropes Roy was very limited and really had no way to get out. Those rounds I gave to Hopkins. Hopkins just decided to not go all out each round. His fault, his loss. When Johnson put Roy against the ropes Roy was dead in the water and was dropped for almost an hour. All Glenn did was what Hopkins did not do. Continue punching.

I say this because Burley has dealt with speed and power before and handled it well. With Burley's skill I don't see him getting hit a whole lot by the cauious Roy Jones. I see Burley being able to outbox Roy and test him severely.

Roy never developed the skills needed to be great in the times of Burley. Had he fought the likes of Robinson, Charles, and Moore I have no doubt he would have been exposed for his lack of defense and jab and gotten the heck beat out of him until he learned. Basically, he would have been a solid contender but, not at the upper eschelon's or greatness.
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