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Default Re: rampage jackson "Mayweather not boring"

Mayweather is great technically but it's how you use that technique which dictates whether or not you are entertaining.

Man Utd can use great technique and strategy in shutting down a team, score one goal and go back to shutting them down. Great talent, great technique, great strategy, great execution but it is boring.

Likewise, Floyd lacks power and punch output thus is generally considered boring. Who wants to watch something when they know exactly what will happen for 36 mins - lead right hand, shoulder roll, counter hook, jab to the body, block, parry, block, repeat.

When Floyd ups his workrate/punch output/spite/damage like against N'dou, Corley, Gatti etc then no one calls him boring.

Some people like to think they are lovers of the sweet science when they say his boring fights aren't boring. It's rather cringey and embarrassing. You aren't in the know, merely part of a group that is getting conned by the likes of Hopkins, Mayweather etc when they talk up a fight and then engage like it's the theatre.
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