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Default Re: Charley Burley vs RJJ @ 160

Great match up, but made difficult to predict with any real certainty due to a comparative lack of footage of Burley.

I tend to think that, in a single, one-off fight, Jones' complete unorthodoxy and unique style give him an edge over just about anyone in history (perhaps the odd exception aside here and there) between 160 and 175. I think for stylists like Burley, Tunney and so on, a series against Roy might be more beneficial (take the way that Tunney was completely befuddled by Greb's unusual angles, mixed bag style and incredible pressure first time out before slowly getting to grips with it as their series wore on, for instance).

I think part of being able to beat Roy is to make him cautious, and while Burley was a hurtful puncher no doubt, I don't think he had enough pop to put the fear of God in to Jones, particularly at Middleweight.

I'd expect Jones to win a tight decision over Burley in a fight which never really comes to the boil. Both were hard to hit but judging by the footage we do have of Burley I'd give an edge in speed to Jones, and I think Burley would have the tougher time of the two trying to pin his man down, plant his feet and score with any worthwhile punches.

One for the purists, and as I said over a series of fights Burley may well reverse the trend, but as an opener I think Jones would outpoint him in a stinker.

Howdy to everyone here, by the way, as it's my first post.
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