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Default Re: WTF is happening in this video?

Originally Posted by Sweet Pea
Benn's flexibility and ground intuitiveness is amazing. His ground skills are the best in MMA I'd say, although there are some better pure grapplers out there. He's one of few guys that you actually want to see on the ground because his skills are so far beyond anyone else's.
Generally I think for a fighters ground game the fighter needs to know a bit of everything. The four main types of wrestling (freestyle, greco, sambo and judo) and the two main types of JJ (BJJ and JJJ).

In saying that though, BJP with his BJJ looks to trump all this. To my knowledge he mainly trains in BJJ and we've seen him beat a black belt guy in Judo and out do Hughes who is a bigger wrestler.

I think BJP mind set works better with BJJ. He doesn't want to outstrength someone. He wants to out skill them and use their body as their own worse enemy.

A joy to watch when he is on form. To be honest he often makes me feel sorry for the guys he is fighting. When you watch UFC you are continously thinking the guy in trouble should do this or that. When you see someone fighting Penn, he'll often make you think 'he's ****ed, I don't know what the hell the guy can do now'. This is partially what I was thinking when watching him v Gomi and Pulver. Top guys, just looking helpless.
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