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Default Re: I am a boxing manager: if you have questions about the boxing biz, ask!

Originally Posted by Makingweight View Post
I had a conversation today regarding two Olympian UK gold medallists 2008 Degale,2012 Luke Campbell & particularly how far Campbell can go regarding ability & marketability.One get's it one has let the horse bolt so to speak.

To me Degale has made steady progress as a pro you are all probably aware of his rivalry with Groves stemming back to their days at Dale youth club.He is a guy that divides opinion but has a big problem he is not a big ticket seller where his rival Groves does decent numbers why you may ask esp as Degale was a gold medalist?Degale from Harlesden,Groves hammersmith if you know London pretty close to each other both had the same crowd following them in the am's.One is far more in touch with the business side of the game building a fanbase & still visit's his old gym now & again a case of not forgetting the people that helped develop you.To any young fighter out there do not underestimate this side of the game if you can keep your feet on the ground & be fan accessible it helps open more doors.TV pays the money but any TV company in the world wants to see arenas with people on seats rather than rows of empty seats think how the sponsors,advertisers view it.

What I still admire about boxing compared to most other pro sports is that here in the uk most fighters are approachable if you train at any gym regularly there is a mix of people training to get fit,ams & pro's.Struggling to think of any other sport here where you can train amongst pro's so easily.

Luke Campbell I think will go all the way & win a world title exciting fighter with a style that will flourish in the pro's the part of UK he is from Hull he has a massive catchment area sells massive amounts of tickets but will only sell more.For that part of the UK a real untapped market.Very marketable down to earth & the one thing you know about the Northern fight fans they get behind their fighters & see through any BS.

You need to strike while the iron is hot Degale's last fight was in a 1,000 seat arena not even sure if it sold out.
Campbell's pro debut at a rugby ground there was aprox 8,000 there a decent card helped but don't doubt a lot more than 1,000 bought tickets just to see Campbell.
M, I love your story's
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