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Default Re: Cammarelle turning pro, Helenius back in full training

Originally Posted by Cachibatches View Post
Yeah, you'd think with how bad the heavies have been for a decade now, they would want to count the fights and help a man develop a career.

The only consolation is that the heavies are FINALLY fighting each other, which is what makes a good division. The talent has been there for awhile, it is just there has never really been a way to gauge it.

At least the winners of Mago-Perez, Chisora-Boytsov, and Haye-Fury will join Pulev as exciting and established contenders.

Perhaps even Helenius, Spzilka, Glazkov and Wilder can get themselves in there.

Maybe Wladdy can wind down his career with a series of very high quality, meaningful wins.
It's not happening! But, yes, good on the other things, I think.

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
Well at least with AIBA Pro we know up front what the deal is.

I'm still really confused by the inconsistency Bigger's Better situation.

For a while they counted as legit sanctioned pro bouts - then all of a sudden, no?

...and some of the backlogged matches are left as-is, while some are removed from pro records?
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