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Default Re: Amir Khan Power - how hard is this reading?

this was posted by G Man in another thread, one of the best posts Ive seen on this forum

Originally Posted by G Man
He sits like a sniper waiting for the tiniest, most one dimensional feather fisted bum or washed up old old man to get awarded a title by default then springs into action.

His team swiftly get the fight made, it gets hyped to **** as some clash of the titans by his re****ed fans, then Khan gets in there and gets on his bike whilst flapping his pillow fists around.

He wins, gets an ill-deserved title then his fans talk about him as if he is some sort of destroyer.

Occasionally his team make a mistake and the hand picked opponent actually fights back a bit, causing a brutal KO loss.

Not to worry though, because on Planet Khan the excuses are abundant, and his dopey fans are more than happy to believe them.

He didn't really lose, his opponent just got lucky, his trainer is too disabled or there was a strange man in the crowd or something, the very thought that maybe his opponent was the better man on the night does not even cross Khan's mind.

This is the very arrogance that causes people to dislike him both as a person and a fighter, the same arrogance that is seen as confidence and self belief by his naive fans.

He has speed, nothing else. This only works against small, limited guys or old opponents who won't really fight back.

I have tried to like him but there is nothing to like about him as a fighter or a person, absolutely zero. About the most endearing thing about him is his charity work, which is most likely just a PR stunt organised by his team, and in any case it is the equivalent of most of us putting 50p in a charity box.
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