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Default Re: Chronological IB RBR threads archive

Originally Posted by Rumsfeld View Post
Interesting that Alvarez-Trout had more than last night's fight.
No longer.


The top ten

1. Pacquiao vs. Bradley (3112 replies!!!)
2. Mayweather vs. Guerrero (2341 replies)
3. Mayweather vs. Cotto (2293 replies)
4. Garcia vs. Morales II (2010 replies)
5. Marquez vs. Fedchenko (1752 replies)
6. Mayweather vs. Alvarez (1736 replies) <------------------
7. Alvarez vs. Trout (1732 replies)
8. Cotto vs. Margarito II (1718 replies)
9. Donaire vs. Rigondeaux (1677 replies)
10. Bute vs. Froch (1655 replies)

The rest of the top twenty

11. Pacquiao vs. Marquez IV (1615 replies)
12. Bradley vs. Provodnikov (1547 replies)
13. Martinez vs. Chavez Jr. (1542 replies)
14. Tarver vs. Kayode (1450 replies)
15. Ward vs. Froch (1444 replies)
16. Malignaggi vs. Broner (1396 replies)
17. Hopkins vs. Dawson II (1384 replies)
18. Froch vs. Kessler II (1338 replies)
19. Salido vs. Lopez II (1320 replies)
20. Huck vs. Afolabi II (1294 replies)

Bumped from the top twenty this weekend:

21. Pacquiao vs. Marquez III (1293 replies)

Originally Posted by Rumsfeld View Post
On an unrelated note, if these things theoretically dated back to the mid-90s, I'd like to believe Bowe-Golota II would still remain a standout.

Packaged with Mercer vs. Spoon, not a bad card and of course the nut-busting shenanigans and the drama of the knockdowns were probably good for a thousand posts in and of themselves - but was it a terribly deep card? There were blowouts scored by a young Judah and Casamayor, but did HBO even televise either of them?
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