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Default Re: Jon Jones, Stay away from Wlad Klitschko!

Originally Posted by latineg View Post
the cheap elbow ? Claiming elbows are CHEAP is like claiming your opponent shouldn't use KICKs or KNEEs. **** off with the CHEAP CUTs. Blood is part of fighting **** face, if you were a real Scot you would know this "MR DONT KICK ME IN THE KNEE!!!!" I think you must of been ELBOWED as a wee laddy in school weren't you sugar pants? Didn't like THE ELBOW ? Did it hurt? It wasn't fair was it??? You weren't expecting it were you? You could of WHOOPED their asses if they just didn't use those cheap elbows witch were just not fair and hurt you.

Take your Haggis and your flock of defiled Sheep and get the **** out of this this thread.

By the way i'm totally joking ass breath, well not about the ELBOWs or the KNEE kicks as judging them CHEAP , well I see your POINT and I don't say its total garbage like I joked around above it was, I just think its a little bit garbage, focus on ELBOWs taking that individually to prevent confusion of duality jumping back and forth unwittingly preventing real points from elbows continuing forwards blocked by confusion from attempting to create perceptions for elbows as well as kicks to the knee not knowing exactly witch way we are all flowing with thought towards you freaking sheep shagging pervert, again , totally joking mate,,, , so back to JUST the ELBOWs, no doubt the MAIN gripe is the CUT FACTOR, ok FAIR POINT, why ? Because the truth is ELBOWs do account for a large portion of CUTs that significantly effect a FIGHT thereby altering its COURSE in a way whereby a otherwise GAME opponent is effected to a degree that is the DIFFERENCE in the fight. Often a bloody elbow can leave a fighter not just down ONE EYEs sight but DISTRACTED as one keeps making the mistake of TRYING to use TWO EYEs denying the reality that will only keep happening for a random split second or two until once again the subconscious will REACT faster than the conscious is aware it has REACTED via the delivery pace refered to as just below LIGHT SPEED or there abouts,,,, plus then he can get HIT far easier in the same side of the face assuming that the cut is somewhat over one of the eyes witch does and will keep happening,,, so then the CUT is effecting the OUTCOME even MORE messing all the RULEs of EQUAL CLEAR ORDER up right across the board, I get it, I really do, im a bleeder myself,,, aye laddy, its no fun when in a fight and holding well and realizing that your bleeding at a pretty good PACE and then becoming AWARE that your OPPONENT already KNEW that as well aware that he also just WITNESSED your UNEXPECTED and thus unwittingly REVEALED reaction to KNOWING that you were bleeding at a pretty good PACE witch NATURALLY would always be, "holy ****, will I lose this fight if I don't CHANGE its outcome immediately or pretty soon thereafter?" ,,, well when one considers that the reactions is DISCOMFORT and once that's REVEALED , well then you got your OPPONENT aware that your UNCOMFORTABLE and thus his CONFIDENCE grows and often ones opponent will back off just ever so slightly not because of a lack of confidence, to intentionally allow for a greater EXPANSE of time to be focused upon considering that the blood flowing into the dudes eye ball thereby DISTRACTING him putting him down ONE eye while staring at him to MOCK him when he by naturally goes about DENYING that he was and is CONCERNED,,, so that's a real pain in the ass,,, plus its never fun then being tagged right in the same place by your opponent and then having them make a FACE as if to say, "SORRY, NOT TRYING just to BE CHEAP, JUST HAPPENED TO WORK OUT BEST AND I TOOK THE SHOT AS WE ARE FIGHTING ARENT WE?" ,,, So I get the CHEAP aspect of hating the ELBOW, I just think hating the elbow and making it ILLEGAL is totally STUPID ,, why ? God told me so , I personally don't care that much either way, I simply am delivering Gods message or a imposter fooling me or im delusional,,,well potentially all of those could be true so lets just focus on the elbow you Scottish Sheep licker. If I can speak for God for a few lines, let me just say that fine the elbow can be a BIT CHEAP in that cutting a guy with a single well timed vicious elbow does more than ANY other LEGAL STRIKE cause's a INORDINANT portion/ratio of serious type of fight changing effects thereafter,,,my point is SO WHAT ? Ok, it would be different if one guy was using his elbows to cut open dudes like Rousey applies the arm bar,,,plus if one guy was doing that without damaging his opponents in any other area of significance except the ELBOW CUT that by majority lead to victorys from doctor stoppages, however, the percentage of fights that qualify for that simply does not warrant it in my opinion, god can **** himself for all I care,,, why don't we thus agree to disagree and you can go back to ***ually taming sheep.

No offense, if anyone takes offense to this I promise you it will be the first of a endless stream of OFFENSEs, you think I was hard on the Scotsman? Im part Scottish. I can go on for days on benders and then I will just not show up plus I wont recall anything,,,,as well I never use the same computer for more than a month so there is no effective way to track me, I am mostly paralised from fighting for a fair part of my life and thus the only thing left for me is forum fighting as a keyboard warrior,,,by the way im not rich, I simply download tons of porn without virus protection and thus always have to get a new laptop, otherwise I will spill beer on it a lot as I get real excited when I drunk type ,,, plus I punched a laptop once, only once, when my porn wouldn't download. Other than that im actually pretty responsible overall. No **** off.

Can you do that again with real paragraphs and punctuation, I got nearly a quarter way through it and nearly had a seizure.
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