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Default Re: Jon Jones, Stay away from Wlad Klitschko!

Originally Posted by Vanboxingfan View Post
Why anyone in their right mind would think that an MMA fighters could beat an elite boxer in boxing of all things, is a mystery to me. I remember about 6-7 years ago I got into an argument with my brother about this. He claimed Chuck Liddell would beat a prime Roy Jones in a boxing match. It's absurd. Liddell would be lucky to even touch Jones before he went to sleep.

But I use to wrestle in university and there's some truth to what Rogan says. If a wrestler can ever shoot on a boxer and get even one leg, the fight is close to being over, because no decent wrestler would ever let that guy stand up again.
Yeah, if the fight took place on a wrestling mat, or a carpet. But the mythical match-up Rogan is speaking of is going to take place in a bar, or on a street. When that wrestler takes the boxer/kickboxer down, the guy on the bottom can elbow, punch, choke, pull hair, eye gouge, etc. If that wrestler has any intention of actually inflicting damage, and not just holding him down, he's going to have to create space to punch, then his top control is going to suffer and the guy on the bottom is going to have a chance go kick him off or push off and get up.

All I'm saying, in a street fight, nothing is as black and white as Rogan made it out to be in that statement.
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