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Default Re: Lennox Lewis vs Mike Tyson, prime for prime, who wins?

Originally Posted by The Mongoose View Post
That's how I see it as well, Tyson would come out with alot of fire and movement but Lewis would just blanket him everytime. Once Tyson slows, Lewis would start picking at him with the jab and measuring him for bombs.

I would be rooting for Mike, but I don't see him pulling this one off.
LOL, and Tyson never lands in those scenerios..... ever, but borderline journeyman Rahman, Tysons heavybag McCracken put him to sleep, Octupuss Akinwande made him touch the canvas, HBO fraud Grant and Roid Briggs had him wobbled.......speaking about wobbled, lol, in Rahman II he was staggered by a jab......

He fought scared against the One Trick pony......walzed t e n t y f o u r boring rounds with a severly diminshed Oldyfield but now against Tyson he is measuring with big bombs, how the **** did he not "measure" those guys or the rest of his mostly boring fights, Phil Jackson, yeah, a artificial yourneyman and still did not go for the kill until later.

Fact : Lewis will never be agressive against ANYBODY with a pulse and no , that bum Golata or cannonfodder White Buffalo dont count, lol, a washed up stoned Tyson finished the polish mental midget similar to Lemmie................

He is the ONLY HWT champ who was cold ****ed not ONCE but TWICE by absolute ham and eggers, Fact not fiction, that is the undeniable truth no matter how the Lewis worshippers are trying to spin it.

If that fight would happen today, both fighters in their best shape, body and mind with no out side distraction, Michael Gerard Tyson will either decision Lewis be cause Lemmie is too gunshy a la Tucker or Bonehugger or gets laid out if he comes out guns blazing a la Ruddock or Golata, I would put money on it.
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