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Default Re: Maydad Ronen Champ of the World

Originally Posted by Mashiach View Post
midnight prowler and all his alts is oba carr is shaven haven is hector comacho is flickpass is ***ott is argy bargy.

we know who you are.

u will regret ur campain .

maydad was invited on gold gilt invitation, who has ever invited you to a boxing ceremony?

your cant pay $$ money to be invited, looser.

you are a failure who is embarresed about hisself, so you attack the people you are jealuos of.

you are 'knocking the bloke'.

you have heard lies by people doing campain against maydad ronen and have been fooled into it too.

maydad is desrving to be called a masters champion because that is what he is.

his story is remarckable because maydad is remarckable.

there is so much more to maydad than you know, when you know the full 100% story you will be ashambed to have attacked maydad.

no, no, no , no daniel backstabber pawyey. Do not say all you did was upload the speech.

you are part of the antisemetic campain against maydad.

jokes you say get around. You did nothing in your boxing career, you are a looser.

so what if your brother was a asian champion- you didn't do that.

maydad was a masters world champion. What do you say now?

shutup midight prowler

you talk write that maydad is a fake but you have fake accounts.


i cannot acces your links ut yes you are right.


***got. Yoiu have never done what maydad has done.

put your real name to ythis website if you want to criticise.

do you do chairity work.

do you help the disvtanged.

do you promote fights and help young fighters be exposure.

answer = no x 3.

daniel pawsey = keyboard warrior.

only tough behind a screen.

too scared to rematch.

but you laugh at maydad

you make me vomit you a vomit looser.


you say maydad is liar and fake

yoiu have footage of all your fights so you upload and let website decide liar

you talk like aerobics is easy. Take a class. I bet you are fat masturbator?

funny funny becoz everyone know you slap your left hook like a ***git.

if yiu had skills of maydad maybe your career might be different

instead of being nowhere...and jeluos of maydad.

win a world tile?
answer= no!!!
I am the MidniteProwler bahahaha you and Maydad are pieces of **** bahahaha I would crush Maydad in a boxing ring bahahaha so technically I am a world champion because I would back myself to knock Maydad out in 1 or 2 rounds
MidniteProwler is online now  Top
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