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Default Re: Maydad Ronen Champ of the World

The not at all facetious Maydad Ronen tribute thread
For those of you who live in Antarctica and don't know who Maydad Ronen is. He is an Aussie boxer who shares with George Foreman and Bernard Hopkins the accomplishment of winning a world boxing title in his 40's.

As you can see he even has an Eastside Boxing belt and signed memorabilia from his world title fight.

Maydad won his world title belt by overcoming the fearsome Shinichi Murayama on points over four rounds in Maydad's very own gym.

In addition to being a boxing world champion, in his own words Maydad " had some good achievements in aerobics"

I think that we should all applaud this marvel. Maydad proves that you're never too old to buy a boxing belt off the internet, call it a world title and then stage a fight for it in your very own gym against a Japanese guy who may or may not have seen the inside of a boxing ring before.

TheSpaceDuke said:
22-11-12 06:24 AM
Originally Posted by Crusher
I know maydad I promoted a couple of shows with him. He has a belt on his gym wall that says nsw champion. One day when I was buying some boots off title boxing and they had the same belt for $29.95! He was not state champion as he claims when I asked him about it he got funny and stopped talking to me.
Originally Posted by Zabba73 Originally Posted by Zabba73
My name is Joe Zabakly I was NSW amateur Bantam weight champion in 1991. I heard that this Maydad character was claiming to be champion that year, so I rang him up he **** himself and than said was novice champion.

Originally Posted by Crusher
The guys opponent was also his sparing partner.
Oh dear I'm a bit disappointed that he may not be what he seems. Turns out he also enjoys getting threads removed from websites that expose him
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