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Default Re: Masternak vs Drozd This Weekend

Originally Posted by UnleashtheFURY View Post
Szpilka is going to get violently KO'd as soon as he steps up in his class. If his handlers are smart and fight stiffs and hasbeens for a year or two they can maybe get him a voluntary shot against a Klitschko in a year or two, if he steps up in class he's getting KO'd. any top 30 HW beats him easily. Mollo has been done for years(never really was anything good) and he give Szpilka serious problems, theres a chance that he won't be so lucky next time. I think he's going to get KO'd sooner or later regardless of whether he moves up in class or not.
Szpila gets a lot of **** on this board, its pretty obvious that he's pretty raw with ****py defense...but he's still only 24 and has many yrs of development. I would not cross him out just yet.

Originally Posted by turbina View Post
At first I thought the stoppage came early, that it should have been a standing count, but later after seeing Masternak not even arguing the decision much, and that it would only probably have delayed the inevitable, (although who knows) that it wasn't a terrible call I suppose. I had Drozd ahead, anyways. But it is boxing.

That aside, it was an entertaining and close fight. Really did test and reveal many of Masternaks flaws. Masternak looks unnecessarily bulky to me, he doesn't need all that muscle, especially with his style. Another problem for him that I have noticed in recent fights are he does not have much power. In the past he has fought guys he should have dispatched, yet they made it to the end because he could simply not put them away. Lastly, which is a new revelation, is Masternak seemed to be stunned quite a bit throughout this fight, to me demonstrating he doesn't have the best ability to absorb punches, not all of them were bombs. He lacked punching in combinations, and relied way too much on the 1-2 which Drozd seemed to have figured out. Did a poor job of maintaining the distance between them, and let Drozd get inside, and back him up and trap him on the ropes far too many times. His defense needs work, in other words.

Drozd on the other hand clearly did his homework, found an effective way to avoid Masternaks jab, and get inside, pressure him and take him out of his zone, and then flurry him with most importantly, hard, combinations, which even if done sporadically gave him the round because they were effective. When Masternak was in his rhythm he was doing well boxing on the outside, but it was far too easy for Drozd to knock him out of it, with Masternak lacking a game plan in such a case.

Rumour has it that Sauerland wants Gmitruk gone, and is likely to use this defeat as an excuse to remove him from the team. Before the fight Gmitruk is said to have said that in case of a loss , Sauerland will likely try to use that as an excuse to get rid of him. The sparring partners for this fight were not picked or even endorsed by Gmitruk, and were top tier HWs, which according to many, including Gmitruk, were not a good choice in preparation for this fight.

Gmitruk claimed that he was shunned out of a lot of the preparation for the fight. He said that he was strongly against Masternak's body building program prior to the fight, it resulted it changes in technique and decreased power in his right hand. Now they have officially split.
Who knows, its easy to find excuses, lets see how he comes back with all these changes in his camp.
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