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Default Re: I am a boxing manager: if you have questions about the boxing biz, ask!

Originally Posted by Makingweight View Post
One of the fights of the year at the weekend for me Provodnikov v Alvarado both earned every dollar of their purses $600k to the challenger & Mile High $1.3m.

What struck me & would like to hear others views obviously Dempsey & others the trend we always hear here in the UK for a fighter being 'big at the weight'.To me it's an individual basis some guys can cut a decent amount of weight safely rehydrate & come fight night if skillsets are pretty even the obvious advantage is worth it.Individual being the key not a given rule.

Alvarado had cut a lot of weight & boy did it tell even in the first Provodnikov though visibly smaller physically looked so strong & was getting through with hurtful shot's from the first.To me it looked like the ref got involved at the end of the 10th Tony Weeks made a great call because the 11th would have been a brutal stoppage.You live to fight another day.

For Alvarado he was given every chance & to me was lucky to be given the benefit of the doubt in the 8th as was rising on 9 many ref's would have waived it off.I hope his management team advise him to take a very long break & choose his next fight carefully & invest the money made.Alvarado his last three fights have been total wars Rios X2 & Provodnikov there are only so many wars a career can withstand.Provodnikov did a great job a real throwback 50's,60's type fighter makes you fight his fight exciting & made for TV.
Tony Weeks, was our referee for the Chavez - Johnson(RIP) he let that go on too long and I was afraid he was letting it go on too long in this instance. I believe Alvarado himself indicated that he had enough, anyway it was a good call. This fighting big, can be deadly as it was for Johnson and others who dehydrated themselves to a dangerous level. This I heard is bad for your internal organs and these guys will pay a heavy price as they age. Eric Morales walked straight to the bathroom along with 30 guys in his entourage on arriving to the weigh in for his fight with Chavez, the reason he had stuck a suppository where the sun dont shine, so that he could make weight.
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