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Default Re: Prime James J. Jeffries vs Jack Johnson

Originally Posted by janitor View Post

Did you know that Fitz met Ruhlin again 10 months later?
It was a wrestling match, Fitz was giving Ruhlin 20 lbs .The mens heads came together the first time they clinched, Ruhlin reeled back with a bloody nose.Fitz seeing the blood ,forgot all about wrestling and punched Ruhlin in the face with his bare fist.The referee Charley White warned Fitz who told him to "get out of the way"and they swapped blows with Gus getting the worst of it.Ruhlin then pinned the lighter Fitz's arms by his sides and tried to force him down for a fall.They went down in a tangle with Fitz on top. quickly back on their feet they started trading punches.
Ruhlin grabbed Fitz and slammed him down to the mat taking his breath away and gaining the first fall .
After the rest, Ruhlin moved in to use his superior weight on Fitz but Fitz slugged him in the solar plexus.
Ruhlin grabbed Fitz by the throat and tried to strangle him, Fitz got home with another body shot and Ruhlin let go of his grip but Fitz had no breathe left in him .
Ruhlin leapt forward, grabbed Fitz picked him up and threw him down then dropped on top to gain the second fall, and the match.
thats cool, thx for posting it
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