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Default Re: Prime James J. Jeffries vs Jack Johnson

Utter BS. Since when does a KO loss bar anyone from a title shot? If you looked at Ruhlin record you will see he beat Maher before he lost to Fitz.

Jeffries KO'd Ruhlin a round faster than Fitz did. Are you saying Ruhlin was shot? Um, he beat Maher, Sharkey and Everett after losing to Jeffries, then had enough left to draw with Hart past his pirme.

How did Johnson do vs. Everett and Hart? He drew and lost. So Ruhlin who you think was done for did better than Johnson vs the same men!

The truth is Ruhlin could be viewed as Johnson's best title opponent, save Willard.

Jeffries gave re-matches to those who deserved it. Griffin, Sharkey, and Ruhlin gave Jeffries a good fight on the way up. So each had a re-match with Jeffries title on the line.

Johnson's track record of re-matches as Champion is shameful. O'Brien and Jim Battling Johnson did not get a 2nd try even though they drew with him as champion! Some say they beat Johnson! GunBoat Smith Knocked Johnson silly in 1909 in a 4 rd ex match. He was never given a title shot either. And of coruse Langford, Jeannette and McVey were locked out of re-matches when Johnson was champion even though big time money was mentioned via the press.
Mcvey;I'm saying Ruhlin was never the same fighter after being kod Mby Fitz have you actually read the ringside reports of the fight?
Jeffries did NOT KO Ruhlin ,Ruhlin's corner stopped the fight between rds,5 and 6, more spin
I know who Ruhlin beat, and when he did so.
I know that Fitz half killed him and he did not deserve a title chance.
So he wasn't in Fitz class. Big deal, as I showed you he did well post Fitz, so he wasn't shot. Do I really need to show you how many times Johnson's title opponents were KO'd?

Johnson drew with Jim Johnson when he was 35 fighting with a broken arm.

Jim Johnson's subsequent form did not merit another title chance.There was never any demand for a second O Brien fight
If a draw in a title match doesn't merit a re-match, I don't know what does. Excuses!!!

Smith was never anxious to fight Johnson, he changed the subject when interviewed about it in the UK.
The money was never up. Of course Smith would have taken it. Instead, Johnson gave title shots to men who Smith beat first in Moran and Willard!

As champion Johnson signed to fight Jeannette three times ,each time authorites veteod the match ,he signed to fight Langford twice too, once it fell through because Woodman could not come up with a cash binder and once the purse was too derisory I've posted the corroborating reports several times.
Keep believe that. Johnson as champion could have fought ANYWHERE in the world. Its the same BS with Wills signing for Dempsey...the match wasn't going to happen!

To summarize, Jeffries gave re-matches to those who gave him good fights as champion. Johnson did not and avoided the best as champion! None of your lies will change that fact.
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