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Default Re: I am a boxing manager: if you have questions about the boxing biz, ask!

McDonnell & his situation with Hobson has certainly divided opinion this side of the pond you only have to read some of the views on the British forum.The statement backs up what I was told & posted the only alteration being he was made a 'derisory' offer I wasn't told even ballpark numbers.

He will have those figures in black & white on a contract $50k Hobson the managerial side obvious the promotional side with McDonnell is a grey area.IMO that side of the contract opens up a can of worms a decent lawyer (sports lawyer especially) will rip any such agreement to shreds I have to state again there are ways to directly or indirectly have total control on a fighter.Not going to add more on that point but there is one telling sentence in his statement.

You have here a case of 'conflict of interest' in Hobson's handling of
McDonnell if those figures are correct.To put those figures in perspective British title fights at the lower weights 15k-25k ($25-40k) is a realistic contract to offer basic...without ticket sale cut & other add on's.

The fighter wanted to fight on SKY his manager agreed to a deal on Boxnation against his wishes.Possibly because the agenda suited the promotional side of the contract?If so who's interests were being protected pretty clear to me.

The line in McDonnell's statement-'termination of any alleged promotional agreement's' more than fills in the blanks for me with regards how a obvious 'conflict of interest' has occurred.
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