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Default Re: I am a boxing manager: if you have questions about the boxing biz, ask!

Two very good friends of mine are black cab drivers here in London & we used to go to shows around London.A few of us would go to the shows the guys would work come in for the main event & stay for a while & go back to work.

One of my friends got a contact so would be booked to pick up a lot of the fighters,managers & promoters & got my other friend a bit of work.It became quite regular & depending on who you got & if they won quite a decent booking.My friend picked up Duff quite a lot & used to wind up my first friend he 'had no money on him' a running joke always paid & good for a story & a tip.

Anyway my other friend got his booking for the first time & picked him up a few years ago.Mickey's health was on the wane got talking to my other friend the conversation went like this...

Duff-'So you went to the show tonight son..?Must be a big fight fan then I havn't got any money on me i'll pay you when I get home is that o.k?' There was another guy with Duff & started rolling his eyes yep he had heard it before.

My friend-joking 'No problem as it's a fair distance (50 fare) how about instead of paying me sort me out with a couple of tickets for a show?'

Duff-straight faced 'OK son here is a number you can get me on seems fair.' Gave him a tatty old business card the other guy in the cab was smiling out the window apparently.

My friend switched the meter off & they chatted away Duff telling him stories that were on loop & dropped him off the other guy gave him a 5 tip still smiling shaking his head.

We trained the next morning.One friend to the other...'I had your regular fare last night Micky Duff great stories said he was potless (London slang no money)so I took his number off him & getting some tickets in exchange!' smiling at the rest of us.

My other friend started laughing 'oh no you didn't fall for that one did you old business card it's the wrong number you mug he always likes to use that joke but he tips well!'

My friends face dropped embarrassed 'ah well he seemed genuine enough you lot won't be laughing if I get sorted out with tickets!'

My other friend 'I doubt it mate.....he probably won't remember you anyway....he's recently been diagnosed with dementia!'

Even in his fading years Duff was still able to make a deal go his way.
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