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Default Re: The MMA History Resources Thread

Originally Posted by younghypnotiq
oo. sorry i wasnt familiar with the rules. i thought wrestleing back then was the equivilant of MMA. Bareknuckle was closer to MMA right? also what do you think about sullivan vs MMA fighters nowadays? and my final question was i was reading some thing on Boxing vs Wrestling and they said wrestling in the USA in the early 1900s was different then what it is today? was therea big difference or no?
Wrestling back in the day was real, though fixes were still more frequent than (for instance) in boxing. Matches were generally won via pin (as in amateur wrestling today), but submissions were also practiced...many of which have survived today in "catch" wrestling. One of the best manuals from this period:

Pugilism was the closest you got to MMA for almost two hundred years--especially since it legalized the only major combat systems of the time (fisticuffs and above the belt wrestling). Sullivan might do well against fighters today if (and this is a big one) he can keep it standing. It's more likely, though, that he would be taken down and submitted.

On the other hand, Sullivan would probably blitz through most of the guys in the early UFC's--I could see him having the same success as Royce or Shamrock, for instance.
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