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Default Re: Someone tell me...How good was Rickson Gracie

What the **** is an amador fight? A love fight? I have no idea what that is.
You have to ask Rickson and his supporters... After all, it wasn't them that fed the myth of his 400 unbeaten amador fights?

Rickson lost that fight.
Wow! At last we are agreeing about something....

He can claim he didn't know the rules all he wants.
Ridiculous excuses....

It wasn't a real fight, and he wasn't ko'd or submitted.
Sure it was a REAL SAMBO fight....

It was not mediocre opposition.
Not??? Who is Zulu? Who is Takada? Looking at Rickson's record, can you consider any of that fighter a great one?
Can you pick any fighter of Rickson Record to defeat any opponent of, let's say, Royce or Renzo?

Again, you are talking mma wins. I've never once argued his mma credentials. I'm speaking of his bjj achievements.
If i am not wrong, we are in a MMA Forum....

Rickson is a BJJ Legend
Maybe, but he is Overrated in MMA...

I don't give a **** about his mma career.
Of course, you know you can't argue his MMA opponents were good, and you know his MMA record is medíocre....

Royce's stats are better.
I fully agree...

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