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Default Re: Czech heavy weight Ondrej Pala

Originally Posted by ChrisPontius
Sounds like an interesting fighter, i've never seen him though. See if i can get the Dettweiler fight, wouldn't be the first time a hometown fighter got the benefit of the doubt.

How would you describe his style and do you think he's got a chance to make the top10 within a few years?
Chance to make the top 10 ? I very much doubt it,chris! He is too small,has a Czech passport,and isnt the biggest banger out there.He fights nobodies on small fight cards in his native czech republic.He may get a shot at the european title though.I guess that if Sinan Sam wins his upcomming fight against Skelton his promoter may opt for an easy title defence against a fighter with a decent fight record.Pala fits the discription perfectly with one exception.He wont be an easy fight for Sinan Sam.Pala probably has the tools to capture the european title against someone like Sinan Samil Sam IMO.However,he is no world class fighter.

His style: quick-can bang a little bit,but he heavily relies on the effect his accumulated punches have on an opponent,not really a boxer who takes out an opponent with a single punch( his fight record is a bit misleading-16 ko victories out of 19 victories)-decent stamina and defence-can take a good punch-high punch frequency-still quite inexperienced as could be seen in some moments in his fight against Sherbakov-cool as a cucumber in the ring-keeps his composure-doesnt let his emotions get the upper hand in a fight.
He still has to learn one or two things to beat someone like Sinan Sam,but he has the talent and tools to upset someone like Sinan Sam.
I have only seen his fight with Sherbakov and some very short tv clips of his fights with Dettweiler and Boytsov.Since he fights out of the Czech Republic he has flown under almost any box aficinado's radar for a long time.
He isnt a big draw on his native czech soil due to his promoter's inability to sell him to a wider audience there.
Lukas Konecny,Lubos Suda,and Rudolf Kraj are much better known there.
He needs a big fight in order to enhance his markebility.In his last fight he beat the Brit Artur Cook on Arab soil far away from europe.He stopped Cook in round 8 of their encounter.Cook's name recognition is very limited,but he was the one who took the cero away from Albert Sosonowski's fight record(he is now 42-1).
Pala is a gifted young fellow who will never be a true top gun in his weight division.Thats for sure! Nevertheless,he could be force to be reckon with as long as he fights the likes of Malik Scott,Micheal Sprott,Paolo Vidoz,Ray Austin of this planet.
Vitaly's and Boytsov's coach Sdunek stated that Pala is one of the promising talents in europe of whom we would surely hear quite a lot in the next few years.
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