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Default Re: Lennox Lewis vs Mike Tyson, prime for prime, who wins?

I also forgot to mention, by the times Tyson and Lewis fought, Tyson was essentially a one round fighter. Watch the first round of their fight, it was quite competitive. A young Tyson would have much more speed, slightly more power, better head movement and much better stamina. You would have to be a complete moron to believe that such a fight would be one sided.

While Lewis does deserve to be rated above Tyson due to their actual accomplishments, there is no way he is the greatest heavyweight we have had to date. There is no case for Lewis to be rated above Joe Louis or Muhammad Ali. Period. Yes Lewis is top 10 all time but certainly not the greatest. Any fighter who was stopped twice by average fighters with just one punch is not the greatest heavyweight ever. Not even close

And for the record, Tyson isn't anywhere near being the best of all time either. He wasted his talent and based on accomplishments, he deserves to be rated below Lewis.
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