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Default Re: Lennox Lewis vs Mike Tyson, prime for prime, who wins?

This is surely one of the more talked about match ups of all time. Its always hard to picture what would've happened if these two would've met in their primes. Tyson's prime IMO would be 1987-1988,I would say Lewis was at his best 1997-2000. If they clashed at their very best I could certainly see the fight going either way but if I have to choose a winner I gotta take Lewis.

I feel Tyson overall has the better chance of scoring a KO because of his great power and constant aggression to go along with Lewis's somewhat suspect chin. Lewis has every bit the same amount of power as Tyson and could score a KO as well. I think the most likely outcome though would be Lewis implementing a very good game plan and being able to out point Tyson by using his range well, holding at times when Tyson gets to the inside and at times fighting Tyson off. I'd expect Tyson to be coming forward jabbing his way in and at certain points would land hard punches and force Lewis to fire back. At some point I would expect Tyson to hurt Lewis and have one or two big rounds in his favor, but I'd also expect Lewis to get the better of some of the exchanges and hurt Tyson at different points in the fight causing him to back off. At the end of the fight I'd expect it to be close with Lewis winning 7-8 of the rounds. I'd expect the fight to have some rounds that aren't particularly active and Lewis would carry those rounds, I'd also expect a few very exciting rounds where both fighters land big shots something like the first round of their fight in 2002 and as mentioned I'd expect Tyson to have one or two big rounds.

On the other hand I could picture a prime Tyson shaking up Lewis and causing him to become gun shy leading Tyson to either destroy Lewis much like he did to Tyrell Biggs. I could also see Tyson win a decision in a fight that somewhat resembles his fight with Tucker. There is so many different outcomes I can picture in my head of what might have taken place if these two met in their primes.
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