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Default Re: Lennox Lewis vs Mike Tyson, prime for prime, who wins?

Originally Posted by Foxy 01 View Post
Nice try, but more pro rapist garbage.

Lewis scared of the rapist scum? Yeah right dream on. What did he do when the mental midget tried his tough guy bull**** at the promotion fiasco, slapped him to the floor, and made the scum revert to the dog background he came from and try to bite Lewis's leg.

Go away and crawl back under your stone with your Tyson hard man LIES.

Even when the dirty filth went to prison for **** they sent him to a juvenile offenders institution, as opposed to a real prison. Then they put the nonce in a vulnerable prisoners wing for his own protection.

Even murderers have, mothers, sisters, daughters and female cousins, and the thought of some scum raping them brings out the thoughts of murder again.

So stop this pure American horse ****, about Tyson being a scary monster to anyone other than junkies, ****heads, and wierdo's.

Tyson was, is, and always will be a fvcking nonce case bully who likes to intimidate, bugs and earwigs, and ***ually abuse women. No more, and no less.

He took that lifestyle it the boxing ring with him, which is why he got fvcked by guys who treated him like the lowlife scum he is.
You didnt answer a single one of my points.

And you called me American?

Tired of debating with you, you stupid mother****er, join my ignore list, with all the other re****s
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