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Default Re: Joe Louis's resume is very poor

Originally Posted by Woddy
He was beaten by a 190 Lb Euro fighter badly.
1. You obviously don't consider being a Euro fighter a bad thing.
2. That fighter was an ex-champion and future Hall-of-Famer.
3. He steamrolled the guy in one round next time they got in the ring together.

He got dropped by so many mediocre boxers with terrible records it wasn't even funny.
You mean, like... two? Two who were still much better than, say... Ross Purrity and Steve Pannell?

He never fought some of the best black fighters of his era.
Somewhat true, but this can be said of virtually anyone. He fought Jersey Joe Walcott, Ezzard Charles, Jimmy Bivins and John Henry Lewis.

Louis should be ranked very low
No, he shouldn't.
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