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Default Re: Matchroom's Christmas Card - What a Massive Fail!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Strongback View Post
All you've got is 'name a better card'. That's not my job that's Eddie's. If I could be ****'d spending 5 minutes on it I am sure I could do better.

How about a Syke's v Crolla rematch or holding Quigg back so there is one of Matchroom's better names on the card instead of that waste of time fight he had last month. A mismatch fight for Quigg just so Eddie can try and justify a pathetic Froch PPV undercard.

Mismatched fights on the Froch undercard are leaving the Christmas card more than a little thread bare. Eddie should have made a few competitive fights on both cards. The fans would have been a lot happier.

That's without even looking at outside fights.
Sykes is going for British Super Featherweight title and Crolla is trying to push towards world title shot at Lightweight..

Why now are we talking about the Froch-Groves debacle? and why hold Quigg back? to make the Dec 14th non PPV show better because he's a name?. Didn't Eddie put Quigg on a non PPV show in October? and you've just complained about the Froch vs Groves undercard then wanted it to be depleted further!.

Why haven't you answered the question about the David Haye vs Ruiz and Audley undercards that i asked you yesterday?.

The fact is your looking for reason to moan now. The Froch-Groves card was pony. Eddie deserves flack for that..

Quigg had hardly any support when he fought in London. I was there and the arena was subdued as he boxed. Why put him through that again?. Manchester is a better place for him to box...
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