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Default Re: Matchroom's Christmas Card - What a Massive Fail!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Strongback View Post
This fight is a competitive matchup and it has the twist that Sykes has a win over Crolla. The timing is good. As for Crolla pushing for a world title, anybody with half a brain can see that's going to end badly. Crolla is an exciting fighter and on the domestic level is great value for money. Why not keep him fighting at a level he can compete at..

I'm talking about it because Eddie tried to sqeeze every fighter he could onto this card leaving few option for the December card. He should have held some fighters back and focused on putting together good fights instead of walkover farces. The December card can't be any worse than the November card but they are in the same ballpark in terms of ****eness.

Exactly. Get him in with a decent fighter that will give him rounds and a decent workout.

The Matchroom names on the November card were not the problem. The problem was their were no competitive fights on the undercard. Matchroom would be better off halving 3 or 4 competitive fights instead of 12 odd joke fights with name recognised fighters.

Don't get me started on Haye. I have started many many threads and probably written a 100,000 words on the bul**** Haye/Booth have pulled. They are a completely transparent pair of ****s. I have articles going back to before the first postponed Wlad fight. I called Buncey out on here in a thread I started about him playing at being David Haye's promoter before the Audley fight. He acknowledged the fight was bad for boxing.

Haye and Booth are the only two I have contiually singled out for criticism in the last few years. Their bull**** is very similar. The Hearn's though are much more sophisticated in the way they do things.

Quigg didn't perform too well that night in London. A fighter with ambition needs to impress everybody including fight fans in the capital. Give him a chance to set the record staight.

At the end of the day it is up to Eddie to put together exciting cards. He has the resources and backup to do better than he has recently.

For me as a fan I don't want to watch **** match-up.
Crolla vs Sykes doesn't make any sense at all to the two fighters nor the promoters.

One guys rebuilding his career domestically and the others just joined the promotion. Also the fact he was to face Martin Gethin for the British title at Lightweight a weight above Sykes best fighting weight and Gethin being world ranked with the IBF it made more sense for Crolla to face Gethin in Manchester then on the Excel bill.

Sadly Gethin pulls out so they got in Foster Jnr at late notice which was a decent replacement at short notice after being messed around. Sykes was waiting for the Stephen Smith issue to be resolved for the British Super Featherweight title so for me it wasn't a logical match up for both men.

All this stuff about having a name on the bill to me isn't even making sense. Quigg and Crolla more of a name then Kevin Mitchell? and Mitchell's in with a guy with a decent record of European quality. Mitchell's not looked exactly great so this could be more of a test then people think.

The younger guys on the bill are getting a platform to showcase themselves to the Sky viewers. It's about time we saw the likes of Ricky Boylan and Tony Owen who was involved in one of the domestic fights of the year on the October O2 undercard were shown to the TV audience.

If Hearn held these name fighters back for this Excel show he'd of lost money if he brought in the quality of opponent they need/you demand. Some of his name fighters won't be shifting loads and loads of tickets so close to Christmas unless they're in with someone pretty damn good. Plus it's a London bill with mostly London fighters and the odd Northern ''name'' getting a run out against mediocre opposition.

I agree Quigg's opponent on Froch-Groves undercard was **** poor but it was a quick turn-a-round fight for someone who just come off a draw a month previous.

I just don't see it your way. These unknown quantities and these European fella's could put up excellent fights. I've seen bits of Zamora and he's been in with good company like Shafikov and got a draw and then lost to him and he's been abroad to Panama and fought to a draw for the WBA Interim Light-Welter title and is a big guy for LW. Purdy's opponent is good fighter i'd love to see him vs Gavin in all honesty. I think sometimes we're to critical of fighters we don't know much about.

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