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Default Re: Matchroom's Christmas Card - What a Massive Fail!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Strongback View Post
So good matches shouldn't be made?????

Eddie shouldn't look for good opponents because that costs money?????

Name fighters make a card. It makes absolute sense. Why do you think people think Mitchell versus a no name Italian is dull?????

You have an excuse for everything but the reality is the card is poor and not up to the level matchroom have promoted themselves on.

Wazza is apparently going around without an **** in his trousers and yet he can put on as good or better a card than Matchroom!!!!!!!

Sky are bankrolling these Matchroom shows, it is perfectly fair and reasonable to expect a card than is a lot better than what Frank can put on.

Matchroom had all year to put plan their schedule. It's quite obvious they are now running on fumes at this stage as evidenced by the card.

BTW has Purdy been been exonerated of the fraud charged?
Gethin vs Crolla is a better fight then Crolla vs Sykes III at a weight Gary doesn't operate at yes.

But Franks irrelevant you said earlier in this post but now to salvage the argument you've drawn on him and his show and his situation. The show is a normal Saturday night show and he's bringing over Bundu so he's already put hand in pocket where Frank hasn't (for Gavin). Judging by your posts tonight you'd run a promotion into the ground because you aren't seeing it clearly IMO.

They have a business in which they want to try profit and if not then at least not have a right off. Hearn's last Christmas show fell apart through no fault of his own. If you're asking me how has his shows been overly the course of the year i'd say they've been a step up from FNF but i'd like to see next year step up. He's put some really good shows on and some frankly average ones on.

This one's different. A few nice trade fights and two good quality Italian fighters coming over for the chief and main event and Joshua in a step up with Darch. Nice little showcase for some of the young lads as well..

Anyways my works done here, It's going around in circles and as Solaris rightly said you've made a mess of this thread.

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