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Default Re: Where are all the Matthysse supporters?

Originally Posted by modernfonzie View Post
Not trying to be funny, but before Danny tagged up Matthysse, this forum was infested with Lucas fans. And now they are nowhere to be found. Hes like an afterthought on this board. Pacquiao fans are annoying, but dedicated. Even after he got KTFO they were still riding with him.

A few months ago Lucas was supposedly the man to beat Floyd and the scariest man in boxing. Where are they now?

Or did you guys just convert to GGG fans?
nah, this is false. after Pac got whooped in the third fight, the Pac****s got more silent around here, after he got KTFO, the majority of the ****s were almost extinct on here and were laughed off the board. they just recently made a comeback, either because he beat "Bum Bum" Rios, or the fact that most of the good posters don't really post here anymore, so it's a little safer for them..

Original Pac****s like Puga and Pejevan immediately stopped posting after KTFO6

although i do agree that they're really true fans Pac because of how hurt they were after seeing him get KTFO. Lucas fans were more of bandwagonners.
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