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Default Re: Rocky Marciano vs. Sonny Liston

Originally Posted by Bummy Davis View Post
If you read my post I said unfortunately Liston folded up when in tough and that crack in his armor would be a hard weakness (wide crack in his armor) against Marciano, like I said before Marciano beat guys 6"4 and and guys 220-250lbs but when he won the title the top #1 contenders happened to the smaller better men, Archie beat some very big men on his way to Marciano, so did Walcott guys 6"6 and Charles 6'3 and Lastarza got rid of Dan B.....

Marciano defended his title against the better men who beat the bigger men...I do think Marciano would have had a much easier time breaking down Baker,Valdez then the ATG Moore,Charles and Walcott, even Layne was 34-1-1 and beat the man who beat and drew with him when he faced Rocky and Layne was called by Nat Fleischer as the next Dempsey and next champ but the sudden clean and brutal KO ruined Layne as did fight one with Charles (emptied Ezz tank) war 1 with Walcott (brutal KO) and the 53-3 LaStarza beat everyman to beat him except Rocky but was ruined in fight 2, and Archie took a horrific beating head and body (and was never the same) even though he was still a great and went 38-4-2 post Rocky.....Rocky beat the best men available 5 #1 contenders should he apologize that the bigger men were not the better men of the era

I see Marciano on the inside of Liston, breaking him down and after Sonny throws down his best the little monster keeps throwing punches in bunches with ill intent and Sonny gets tired of the game

Did Liston fold up when his jaw was broke ,or did he carry on to the end?

Did Liston fold up when the hardest punching heavyweight around broke his nose, or did he fight back and stop him? TWICE!

Once again you pick, an old past prime Liston to make your case.

Ever heard of the expression level playing field?
It's prime for prime!

According to Moore's mother he was two years older than he admitted to , that makes him 41 when he fought Marciano.

Moore admitted he had no legs for that fight and hadn't had for years .
He was a natural LHVY who capitalised on the paucity of the heavy weight talent to extend his career. Eight months prior to the Marciano fight, and in Moore's previous one Archie scaled inside the 175lbs limit in a LHvy title fight with Bobo Olson Three of Moore's last six opponents , prior to his heavyweight title challenge ,were light heavies.
Do you think he would do any better against Liston than he did with Rocky?
I very much doubt he would have floored Sonny ,as he did Marciano.

Marciano needs to apologise for nothing , the point is when posters make statements like,"There is not much evidence that it was the kind of jab that was effective against Awkward crouching crowding opponents trained by Charlie Goldman".The obvious response is

" There is zero evidence that Marciano could handle a 200lbs plus heavweight with an 84" jab who could match him for power,and was , in his prime". And I made it.

Sam Silverman who promoted a lot of Marciano's early fights said Rocky could have just as hard a time fighting also rans as top contenders.

Marciano NEVER beat a big heavyweight who was his equal in power, Liston did .
The four names I mentioned ,Baker,Wallace,Henry, Valdes , were rated heavies before Marciano was champ he met None of them.I would pick him to beat them but then I would pick Liston to beat them, and he is proven.against big heavies.

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