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Default Re: Matchroom's Christmas Card - What a Massive Fail!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Strongback View Post
Firstly it's my thread so if I think it worth arguing against a stone waller like you I will. You have not presented a single bone fide argument on any of the points I've raised, I have argued with many people on many subject and from experience I recognise you immediately as a guy that will keep mudding the waters and keeping diverting away from the the genuine facts. You will do this for as long as it takes. Me I take pleasure it arguing against people who debate like you do. People can see through your rhetoric the more you type.

Frank's card was brought up as a means to compare and contrast. Wazza doesn't have the money Sky give Matchroom. If Hearn keeps taking the gold while not delivering the figures he'll hit the skids with Sky.

The two Italians are far from decent that is why they were chosen. Nobody gives a fiddlers about them.

The proof of this pudding will be in the eating. The two headline fights involve mediocre British fighters fighting even more mediocre Italians. I don't anticipate a skill fest.

We'll see how great these "trade fights" are on the night. "Trade fights" is a *******s term anyway. The fights are for the Sky viewers and ticket buyers not the handful of journo's and boxing people who might be in attendance. I have been watching boxing nearly thirty years, fought as an amateur and trained with pro's and I have rarely if ever heard the term "trade fight" used in amongst boxing people. It's like some **** Buncey would come out with trying to make himself sound important while waffling to Steve Lillis.

Your work won't be done until we see the fights.

As they used to say in the gym "the easiest thing in the world is to come up with an excuse".

Excuses are something you are full of.
You're clearly trolling now . You have no clue who the Italians are and rather then do some research you down them because it suits your petty agenda. Bundu isn't exactly hard to find neither .

You've dun messed up this one pal. The saying Frank's show isn't relevant then bringing it up sums it up . You've ducked more questions then a politician and don't even answer back to my answers to your questions or points.

You want ''names'' you mention Crolla and Quigg and i mention Mitchell is a name no matter his ability which is European/Fringe world which isn't to much better or worse then the other two yet you blank that.

You're rather naive and frankly clueless for someone in the sport for 30 years IMHO.

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