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Default Re: Rocky Marciano vs. Sonny Liston

Originally Posted by he grant View Post
So Marciano's superior speed and defense ( clearly superior to Patterson's ) would make the difference … Maybe if Sunny had Kryptonite in his trunks he would defeat the man whose fanatical followers believe defies all logic and would beat a bigger, stronger, harder hitting fighter with a far longer reach, a stylistic advantage and a far faster started ..

My only question ? What color was Rocky's cape ?
If Marciano was hard to hit with the jab, how come he had two black eyes ,and was very marked up facially against the relic of Joe Louis? Rocky stated that,
"I couldnt avoid Louis's jabs ,I just had to take them".

Q .Who would we say had the best jab ? A shot, 37years old Louis, or a prime Liston ?

Some of these Rocky boys are in serious denial.
Here is some ammo for them.
"A man that I admire tremendously,is Rocky Marciano, Marciano was clumsy, had two left feet, but he was the most determined Heavyweight champion I've ever seen.

He didn't win his fights because he was a better fighter.

He won his fights because of his determination,he never stopped trying, he never gave up, and he never lost."

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