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Default Re: ESB ATGs Muay Thai / KickBoxing fighters Thread

Originally Posted by stormy0 View Post
Found an interesting clip and just wanted to check my sanity. It shows an interview with Samart Payakaroon in Thai. If you go to time 3:45 to 4:15, they show some old black and white fight footage. It's not good quality, but it actually looks like footage of Dieselnoi vs Samart!

I just wanted to check with some of the guys on here who do speak Thai as well as watching the clip to see if they think it is Dieselnoi vs. Samart. Some of the clinch evasive moves done in the clip look similar to things I've seen Samart do in other fights. If so, amazing!


Also, props to BoranBkk for all of the great fights you've been posting on youtube!
Hey Stormy good to hear from you again & yep you've found it, some of the rarest fight footage around....that is Samart vs Dieselnoi!!!

Samart looked like he was making a fight of it, but what a handful Dieselnoi looked in that clip, Samart in survival mode. They don't talk too much about the fight but Samart says Dieselnoi had no credible opponent at that time and neither did Samart so they were matched despite being from different divisions (this is a very common on the Thai fight scene). Samart says he knew he would lose but needed the money, win or lose he'd get 350,000 baht, big money back then, still is if you consider the best stadium champs these days only get around 100,000- 150,000. He said he fought he's best.

Great great find Stormy, it just wets the appetite even more for the full fight. As I understand it minus the demo they did they fought twice (?) if so that clip must have been the 1st. It's a great interview as well Stomy. I haven't watched it all as I'm on the move & short on time.

Again mate great find & glad your enjoying the youtube channel. I haven't put anything up for a few months. I've just got hold of a load of great stuff so keep checking it out! There is also a homemade Samart DVD of a bunch of his fights, I haven't seen it yet, I wonder what secrets it'll yield!!!
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