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Default Re: ESB ATGs Muay Thai / KickBoxing fighters Thread

Man, that is awesome to get confirmation! Thanks Boranbkk!

Dieselnoi looked absolutely beastly in that clip. It's so weird to see Samart in true survival mode, the only other time I've seen him look that much in danger is against Jeff Fenech.

Your youtube channel is awesome boran, definitely please post more stuff. I've downloaded my fair share of fights from your channel already. I'm hoping there is some stuff from Samart in his prime on that DVD; it is hard to find stuff from that period of his career.

I have a lot of Samart's muay thai fights that are widely available online, but it seems a lot of em are from past his prime, and his style in those fights is more of a defensive/slick countering style.
I have one fight of him vs Soudareth, which going by the footage, seems like an earlier fight of his. He adopts a very technical aggressive/stalker style more akin to his brother Kongtoranee, and it is a great display of his abilities.
I'm wondering if that was what his style was more like in his prime when he was hungry and making waves. Definitely dig that style of fighting and honestly enjoy watching Kongtoranee's fights more cause of the technical/clean aggression.
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