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Default Re: Help,Fighting a Knockout Artist

Originally Posted by Dark Magician View Post
hey Ralph the Dog i sparred him about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Before i knew i would be fighting him my coach keep telling me to move and to keep my right hand glued to my face,he never landed the right hand on me i was watching it the whole sparring session.but he caught me offguard with a hook and it felt like i got hit by a i think he has a dangerous hook but his right hand is a mystery to me since it never landed flush this is my 5th fight heavywieght 192
You moved and avoided his right, do the same. Keep your right hand home like you did last time, but, this time, block the hook!
Keep this in mind. Most guys that look for the hook tip it off; it is very rare, especially among guys early on, to find a guy slick at sneaking in his left hook. So it is very possible that he'll be dipping to his left, turning his body, or giving you other signs that his hook is coming. Drop a right hand on him when he does. When he does throw his hook, keep your right glove up, right elbow tight, roll inside it, and immediately come back with your own left hook.
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