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Default Re: Matchroom's Christmas Card - What a Massive Fail!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Strongback View Post
The granny checker was useless but was this really a surprise.

I said it was a **** card and it was. The fact you are still disputing this underlines what type of person you are.

I hope Eddie is paying you well to make a fool of yourself.

I'm not an alias I've been around ESB for years.

Did you enjoy other established posters agreeing with me and saying you are talking garbage.
I can remember Solaris who agreed with your initial thoughts saying you were embarrassing the thread. The initial posts were about the card quality. Not the TV aspect but throughout you've changed the goalposts to suit your agenda.

No one's told me nothing because people respect opinions and probably read my posts properly and looked at yours and seen why you resort to childish insults.

We don't agree so move on or keep the insults flowing?. Up to you..
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