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Default Re: Matchroom's Christmas Card - What a Massive Fail!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Mandanda View Post
I agree.

What annoys me is if i went to see Owen vs Boylan i'd of not got home unless i paid for a cab or trekked around the East end to get a night bus. There was a number of pointless fights shown and competitive domestic trade fights not shown.

TBH the Wembley card in March was the same. The timing of two competitive fights was left till the end and i had to miss both to get the last train out of there. But yet we had Groves in a run out which was so one sided and stupid it could of been shown as highlights on Ringside or end of the night..

Sky and Hearn seem intent on showing names rather then the competitive fights on the undercard and Smith and Murray aren't even his fighters. (well not yet..)
That's no good mate, but tbh Hearn doesn't give a monkey's if the fans don't catch the train home and that's the point i'm trying to make. The funny thing is i can remember Eddie on twitter not so long ago having a dig at ****** for fans missing the train home because his show ran late, but now he goes and does the same thing. Promoters are money men and there all the same IMO, but Hearn is trying to make out his ****e doesn't stink.
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