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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by jowcol View Post
Eras! Eras! get a grip Fox!
A 1952 Wlad would have been a 215-220 pounder, 6'6" with the reach and a much leaner body that could have been pounded.
A 2000 Rocky would have been 200+ lbs. and much more conducive to modern boxing.
A 52 Rock vs. a 00 Wlad? Your boy wins, point given.
Screw these mythical matchups. You simply have to consider the era, the training, the size, the fights per year (you want to put a 2000 Sugar Ray Robinson against the turn of the century's best?) They'de get their asses handed to them in spades by the greatest fighter of ALL time!
I said I wouldn't comment anymore on these 'era' matchuups but here I go again.
Ray Robinson is the greatest fighter that has ever lived!

very true, a lot of speculation in these match-ups and impossible to go back in time and if you did you would have to take the loss of size and if you moved forward you would have to add the gain in size...all we can do is take the greatest of their eras and if they fought the best and won we can say they were the best of there time and compare styles. Once we start calculating size into these match-ups in the growing heavyweight division after 60 years of expansion it becomes hard without having to add or subtract for era...the other divisions are easy because the weight stays the same.....but I agree Ray Robinson was the greatest all-around fighter that ever lived I think he was like 134-1-1 prior to the 1st Turpin fight and his record was DEEP
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