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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by Foxy 01 View Post
I'm not remotely interested in speculation regarding what such, and such a fighter would have weighed in different era's. In the 30's there WAS a 6' 5"" 250lb Heavyweight, just as Marciano fanboy types will tell you how he beat 6' plus over 200lb fighters.

Klitchko is what he is, and Marciano was what he was, end of. Klitchko by brutality.

Let me say here and now David Haye is at best an ordinary fighter, but he has the power and hand speed to turn Marciano into a Pizza faced victim of a multi knockdown stoppage inside 6 rounds.

If you want to use your SRR ****ogy, you might as well say that if he was around from the fab 4 era until today, he would have had to fight one handed to give the others a chance, if you are trying to bring in spurious comparisons of diet and conditioning.

I am quite happy to believe that the Robinson we see on film beats any Middleweight since his own time, and comfortably. I'm not interested in any what if's or modern methods.

Conversely I'm not interested in any Klitchko would only have weighed, blah, blah, blah in the 50's, or Marciano would have weighed 200+ in the 00's. No one KNOWS that to be a fact.

What we do know is Marciano would only have been 5' 10" with a 67 inch reach in any era, just as we know Vlad K would have been 6' 6" with an 81 inch reach.

From that starting point you have to take into account what Marciano fought that comes close, and I am saying categorically there was no one with the ability of Klitchko.

David Haye who was KO'd by Carl Thompson and had the toe injury vs Vlad would destroy Marciano, knock him down multiple times and chop him up, Sorry but I dont see him getting past, Moore,Walcott,Charles or others of that era so for me you lost all creditability with that statement

and while your at it did you know Marciano was really only 5"4 and his reach was really 57 inches...just about anyone would beat him I can only imagine what Carl Thompson would do to him....
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