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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by Foxy 01 View Post
For the benefit of moronic Marciano fanboys.
Similarly, and again for the MORONS.

Nothing I have seen from Downes, through Monzon, Hagler, Leonard, Hearns, Jones, Toney, Hopkins, up until todays bunch of 160 pounders, makes me believe that Robinson couldn't, or wouldn't beat all of them with consummate ease.

And I am talking about the Robinson from HIS era fighting any time from the 70's until NOW. Given the modern methods of diet, nutrition, conditioning, sports science, blah, blah, blah, he would need to be handicapped to allow those inferior ******s to gain half a chance of beating him.
Greetings Foxy, thanks for the SRR tribute. Good to know that you and a host of others recognize Ray's legacy. Gee, based on your tribute he would have had to have had one hand tied behind his back to lose.
Not to mention the 'era' difference.
Your "moron" references to Rocky fans is an insulting attack and totally unwarranted.
As I said, a 2002 Wlad vs. a 1952 Marciano? A beatdown, I gave you that.
But as I, and others, have asked.
A Wlad born in the 20's vs. a Rock born in the 60's yields a different fighter and, perhaps, a different result in a mythical matchup.
I simply don't understand why you call any discussion on this as mere "speculation"?
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