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Default Re: I am a boxing manager: if you have questions about the boxing biz, ask!

Dempsey will have the inside track on this one JonStevo but here is my working of it this end.Will give a decent example using the recent BJS v John Ryder British title fight.

The fight has to be made by a certain date when a mandatory defence in the case of BJS. Matchroom-Ryder,BJS-FW have date by which the BBBOC (British board) want the fight to be made.If both can agree figures etc all good & straightforward but many things come into play.If by a set time frame this all cannot be agreed it goes to purse bids both sides make a bid to what they think the fight is worth closed envelope to the BBBOC.Highest offer wins.

Seems straightforward enough IT ISN'T.

I used that fight because Matchroom won the initial bid can't remember the exact figures but BJS was getting 51k of the split great money for a British title fight anyway purse bids got re-ordered the paperwork was filled out wrong!Due to a complaint from BJS promoters.FW won the second round of purse bids where the new bid touched around 100k...even better for both & BJS especially.On tv boxnation his promoters channel won the bid.Massive purse & over the odds for a domestic level fight.

The other scenario is BJS had the right to walk away at any point thus title becomes vacant which is what people thought would happen had Matchroom won the initial bid.Fun & games certainly!
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