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Default Re: I am a boxing manager: if you have questions about the boxing biz, ask!

Originally Posted by dempsey1234 View Post
Being a free agent is hard cos you have to keep knocking on doors to get fights. The promoter then has no obligation to build you up, a free agent unless he has something the promoter can use, like a following, sells tickets, or has great amateur credentials, or he makes good fights. If he doesn't then the promoter will look to make good fights where the fighters are almost 50-50, and believe no matter how good you are, hard tough fights burn out guys after a while especially at the beginning.
Having a promoter is way better, cos then he will invest in the fighters future and keep you active and look to build rather then be put in 50-50 fights. despite what you may think or believe just about every fighter who has become HOF'r's and ATG's have been taken care of. Even the greatest fighters Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Louis, Mayweather, Julio Cesar Chavez sr, Jr big time, Duran, Marciano, had their share of turkey's.
IF a promoter shows interest, work out a deal where it's fair to each side. Have an attorney look it over, negotiate in good faith. Don't overprice yourself. Research what the purses are for beginners, you can ask your local commission they know what the purses are. If you can't afford an attorney, then read it yourself. If you don't understand it PM me and I will explain it to you. Believe me he would be better off signing with a promoter, just be careful with the terms of the deal, how many fights per yr, how much for 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 rd fights, the term of the contract. If you need more ask, Bueno Luck
really thank you very much , no doubt i will be picking your brain some time soon once again thanks
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