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Default Re: something i noticed about alot of boxer's strength and conditioning coaches

Originally Posted by younghypnotiq
should boxers join the track team? or are jsut incorportate sprinting into our workout?
Sprinters training program 100m, 200m, 400m sprinters, is all about speed endurance, explosiveness and Power, and Power to weight ratio
Sprinting is a high intensity sport, but you must maintain a yearly round conditioning programmes/fitness. Most movements in boxing, are all Aneroibic. Your muscles are working so hard, that the muscles demand for enregy surpass what the Aerobic energy system can produce, at Low Intensity, sprinting is a Anaerobic exercise, your muscles are working without oxygen. Most sprinters train like Olympic Power Lifters in the gym, Low reps high weight the main emphasis on improve maximum strength, to transfer into power.

Power is applying a force in the shortests amount of time. That is what Power is.

Sprinting should be incorporated into your program, This is stressing both the anaerobic energy system and Aerobic energy system,and improving Lactate Tolerance. For example, if i was to go down my local track. And decide to do 10x 200m with 1min recovery. After my first rep, my heart rate will be before 80%, this is the area where your Vo2max is being worked. As an athlete and boxer, you will be training your body to be explosive under fatigue, and Aerobic fitness and at high intensity. In boxing, you do not go at a slow pace, it is not a jog in the park.

David Haye, strength and conditioning coach was Duane Ledajoe, former European 400m sprint champion.
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