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Default Re: If Floyd Mayweather Jr fought in the 80's, he'd be one of the FAB. It'd be the Fa

Originally Posted by robert80 View Post
These guys ar much bigger than floyd physically right? Would they not slaughter pac at there optimum weights then?
how are they much bigger if they fight at ww?

you realize ww is pac's 7th division.

reason he got there was because of dela hoya.

without dela hoya, he wont be fighting there.

and he wont be staying there without the prospect of the pedjr fight.

if he fights in the 80's he would prolly max out at jww, but i wouldnt be complaining if he fights at ww.

pedjr only fights bums. so, he would be the pedsr in the 80s, ktfo by srl, and definitely by hearns and duran. will be dominated by arguello.

pedjr will be a nobody in the 80's jst like his daddy.

while pac will still be atg, having fought the likes of morales, barrera and marquez in the lower if they also fight in the 80's.
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