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Default Re: Infighting/bodypunching tips

lol......why do you need eye contact?

I was at a boxing event last year and some novice boxers in the crowd were yelling "eye contact, eye contact". It ain't Salsa dancing fools! What benefit does eye contact have?....none.

If you're looking at his you think that will help you see an uppercut coming from below?

Novice boxers often look low - stomach level as you describe. A good inside fighter will have his head approximately at his opponent's chest so he has a better view of the opponents arms/shoulders in order to evade punches.

So don't try to look at his head. Just look a few inches up to get a better, wider vantage point to see his punches coming.

There's not really any tips to "fix" this. Just plain don't do it. Force yourself to watch your opponent.

I know looking low is natural for novices (myself included, when i started). For example, some novices treat inside fighting as an opportunity to simply trade punches, and hope for the best. That's why they do it blindly, dishing out punches and accepting that they will get hit back.
More experienced boxers know they can dish out a combo, and still evade punches the same way they do on the outside.

This is all about your frame of mind when it comes to inside fighting. Is it simply an opportunity to lean in and trade shots when you're tired, or is there a smart way to do it while avoiding punishment?

Watch any pro fight when they get in a clinch. They aren't just trading shots and taking some back. They dish out a combo, and when the opponent returns, they are actively blocking, rolling, ducking, slipping, stepping around (that's a big one) - but just in close contact.
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