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Default Re: Infighting/bodypunching tips

Originally Posted by Speechless View Post each their own.

Although when you're in close quarters, your faces are literally a couple of inches away.
So the only benefit I see to maintaining eye contact at that distance would be that, it could make your opponent feel extremely awkward.

Why not take it a step further, and press your crotch against his crotch and start to grind a little. That would surely take him off his game.

I guess I was thinking of mid-range and long.. up close its more their torso mid-section. As for the grinding.. Hey man.. whatever it takes to get into their mind and get them off their game. In all honest, I do a lot to try to throw people off their game.

If I do something and you respond to it, I know what you are thinking about and can more easily start following your train of thought.
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